Coworking di quartiere

What is it?

Dialogue Place places itself in the heart of a proximity economic ecosystem! We offer to smartworkers urban based, digital nomads, students that attend our spaces the possibility to find everything they need, in our neighbourhood, at 15 minutes from their work desk.

The network

We heighten our coworking’s positive impact on the neighbourhood! We create a network between shops, services and local resources in food, free time, and hosting field. We embed new synergies between our customers and the urban pattern; we broad and sustain innovative local development’s dynamics.

The card

Would you like to take part to “Coworking di quartiere”’s network? With our Dialogue Place Card (DPC), you will have the chance to get the access to our proximity network, gain reductions on purchases and services. DPC has one year validity, and you can buy it only at our coworking space. The price is 2€ and it’s free if you book at least 50 hours workstation.

Are you a business owner?

Dialogue Place – Coworking di Quartiere network offers the possibility to meet new potential customers that work in your neighbourhood. Through this system of reduction and services, our coworkers will be encouraged to address our proximity economic net, for their needs. This will benefit all our neighbourhood and create a positive impact. What are you waiting for? Join Dialogue Place – Coworking di Quartiere network. Fill the subscription form here; choose the services you want to offer and participate to your neighbourhood change! If you are interested to participate to our network, write an email to

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