Coworking in Naples with a hidden view

Coworking in Naples with a hidden view

Coworking in Naples with a hidden view 1864 934 pjasocial

What a wonderful artwork that makes our coworking in Naples unique! The hidden view is a graffiti artwork that portrays the breath-taking panorama, that we can glimpse from our terrace and pops up from the historical buildings’ outlines.

How did we come up with the idea of “the hidden view”?

The artwork is the result of a co-planning process, lightweight architecture self-construction and reactivation of our coworking’s common spaces. The purpose is making them more comfortable and suitable for work and inspirational networking.

The artwork’s executors are: Needle Napoli collective and the amazing street artist Drama, that has used the stencil technique in order to realise the graffiti.

Stefano Cuntò (Needle Napoli and artwork designer) said: “The idea came up just hanging out on Dialogue Place’s terrace, from which we can glimpse the beautiful view, that goes from the Vesuvius to Monti Lattari, to Capri and it’s hidden from the historical Policlinico. Inspired by this idea, we wanted to transpose into a painting the hidden view behind the Hospital, in our Green Hall on the first floor. It shows the Capo Napoli hill, from the highest peak of the Greek city of Neapolis to the sea”

We are delighted to host “the hidden view” in our spaces and contributed to the realisation, supporting the creation of community of practice and co-design and enhancing local talents thanks to social innovation.

Come in our coworking in Naples and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy our terrace and the beautiful view that has inspired the artwork!

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