Fork: People to Change

Fork: People to Change

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Stimulate business creation through art and creativity

The “ForK People to change” project will start shortly near the Ventaglieri Park.

Fork, a project financed by the Department of Youth and the National Civil Service, curated by Associazione Sagapò together with Project Ahead, Associazione Microlab onlus, Meridonare, Informatici senza Frontiere onlus, Impact Hub, Make a Cube, Muni onlus, in collaboration with Comune di Naples proposes to support a local development model based on youth social entrepreneurship. The general objective of the project is the creation of a local development center that favors the creation of conditions for the social and work integration of young people.

ForK promotes self-entrepreneurship and self-employment, enhancing the creativity of young people and collaboration and sharing between different professionals. The realization of socially innovative entrepreneurial initiatives will be the prerequisite for integration and economic well-being for the entire local community.

The project is designed to promote comparison between young people in different social conditions through a multisectoral exchange led by co-planning and co-working experts. Thanks to the construction of paths of emergence of ideas and co-creation of new multicultural entrepreneurial initiatives, we want to encourage the birth of innovative social enterprises led by young people with a relevant multicultural and female component.

ForK represents an open space to the city and the territory to encourage a continuous empowerment of the young people involved in the activities and a continuous contamination with other local initiatives.

The workshops linked to the project will start shortly, designed to stimulate the launch of business initiatives:

– Upcycling: reuse of discarded or waste materials to create new products

– Regeneration of technical-IT materials: recovery of disused hardware

– Makers FabLab: laboratory for the use of 3D printing technologies

– Artistic creativity and Design: creation of works of creative craftsmanship.

The laboratories are curated by Sheralo, Informatici senza frontiere Onlus, Hub Makerspace, Mediaintegrati.

The workshops are intended for young people in the area between 18 and 35 years old.

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