The semi-finalists of the Woman Entrepreneur Award 2019

The semi-finalists of the Woman Entrepreneur Award 2019

The semi-finalists of the Woman Entrepreneur Award 2019 994 656 pjasocial

They all share the determination to seek innovative solutions to social and environmental challenges, and the ability to do so by combining profit and benefit for the community. This is the identikit of the seven semi-finalists of the Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2019 that on March 8, from 5:30 pm, in our Dialogue Place venue in Naples, will compete for the final of the Impact2 in Paris.

During the evening the candidates will present their activity to a technical jury composed of:

-Alessia Guarnaccia, CEO of Pandora Group
-Lilia Giugni, CEO of GenPol-Gender & Policy Insights
-Annalisa Corrado, ESCO AzzeroCo2 technical manager
-Marco Musella, Full Professor of Political Economy-Federico II University of Naples
-Marco Traversi, CEO Project Ahead
-Giovanna De Rosa, CSV Napoli Director

Get to know these brilliant Italian entrepreneurs and the team of judges who will evaluate them; we will spend an afternoon of exchange of ideas and experiences, and of mutual contamination. Free admission event, subject to availability.

Here are the semi-finalists:

Cristina Angelillo

is the founder of MARSHMALLOW GAMES, Bari, the innovative startup that brings children closer to school subjects through play and creates safe interactive digital experiences for the whole family.
«We believe that the game is the best way to learn! That’s why the digital products we make help to stimulate creativity and learning of school subjects from pre-school age. To date, over 500,000 children around the world have used our apps to learn safely and fun »

Antonella Bellina,

Pisa has created DUEDILATTE, the brand that produces clothing that nourishes and hydrates the skin through industrial milk waste. The milk fiber, from which the yarns and fabrics are developed, to create clothing that gives well-being, is obtained by processing the casein, the main milk protein, through a recycling system invented in Italy in the 1930s. The milk used for the transformation into fiber is the surplus product of the food and cosmetic industries, processed with low use of water and lower CO2 emissions.

Marianna Benetti

is co-founder of VEIL ENERGY, Bolzano, the startup that produces energy from the waste fumes of biogas plants and transforms the thermal waste of various energy production plants into ‘good’ energy, reusable by the plant itself, which thus increases the own efficiency. «Systems that generate electricity, motorcycles or use heat to produce materials, such as steel mills, are real waste. Our challenge is to take everything they “leave behind” and make use of it. We recover energy where nobody thinks of looking for it. ”

Giulia Detomati,

with the social enterprise INVENTO LAB, Milan, plans green innovation. It supports the creation of training programs for high school students in which it provides elements of self-entrepreneurship, education on environmental sustainability and the fight against energy poverty with the aim of increasing green startups and Green Leaders of tomorrow.

Francesca Fedeli

with FIGHTTHESTROKE, Milan, supports the cause of young stroke survivors. Early diagnosis and new rehabilitation techniques based on the concept of mirror neurons and on the application of technology to medicine, are just some of the battles carried out by FightTheStroke, a movement that continues to make its history known through events of worldwide resonance such as TED Global (2013) and the World Business Forum (2015).

Sabrina Fiorentino

co-founder of SESTRE, Trinitapoli-BT, the innovative startup that has formulated a new line of Food Supplements with Mediterranean Diet Extracts. Through the search for high quality nutraceutical extracts, dispensed in capsules, it is possible to make the health and preventive principles of this diet usable on a global scale. One of the ongoing projects involves the extraction of polyphenols (antioxidants with anti-tumor activity) from waste water from beer production.

Anna Fiscale

co-creator of QUID Project, Verona, the social enterprise and the fashion brand born from quality fabrics of the best Made in Italy recovered locally by the hand of women with a past of fragility. Creativity and beauty come together with the broad breath of environmental sustainability and the recovery of otherwise unused quality fabrics thanks to a network of rigorously selected and local brand partners.

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