Rethinking migrations – And the storytelling that is made of it

Rethinking migrations – And the storytelling that is made of it

Rethinking migrations – And the storytelling that is made of it 1323 745 pjasocial

Migration Matters is a special guest of the Social Change Wave on April 13th

As we anticipated, the VI edition of the Social Change Wave is even richer.

We want aspiring social entrepreneurs and our network to know the most significant experiences of social innovation in Italy and Europe. For this reason, during the first day of the Social Change Wave we will host the projections and the interactive workshop of Migration Matters.

Migration Matters is a non-profit organization founded in 2016 by Julia Karmo, Sophia Burton, Kelly Miller and Elina Ribakova, in response to media coverage of the so-called refugee crisis. Their team also joined Bernadette Klausberger and Julian Van Dieken, two of the creators of the 50 most popular Massive Open Online Courses of all time: The Future of Storytelling.

Their mission is to provide the public with the necessary tools to support conversations on more complex and data-based migration and to re-think the migration phenomenon. For this, they create short video courses that challenge common beliefs and preconceptions through original ideas, research and solution-oriented visions, provided by prominent thinkers of the sector: researchers, professionals, as well as migrants and refugees themselves.

In recent years, funding from the London School of Economics from Advocate Europe and the video “Six Impossible Ideas” received the 1st prize in the 2017 edition of the Migration Media Award from the International Center for Migration Policy Development.

Migration Matters is a powerful tool in the daily work of volunteers, activists, refugees and anyone who is discussing migration related topics. Their videos provide new perspectives and perspectives from refugees, which have allowed participants in the video courses to re-examine their attitude towards migrants and the practices they are implementing in their work with foreigners.

Migration Matters collaborates with organizations that mainly deal with advocacy, education and journalism. However, they are inclined to work with any organization that has a specific use for their content that reinforces or genre discussions dialogues on migration and refugees.

Migration is a phenomenon that dates back to the time of Homo Sapiens, is widespread all over the world, why take it so badly? #re-thinking migration is the motto of Migration Matters.

The screening and meeting with Migration Matters will take place on April 13th at 7.30pm

To find out more, consult the program and the Social Change Wave website!

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