Social Change Wave 2019: here are the experts

Social Change Wave 2019: here are the experts

Social Change Wave 2019: here are the experts 1330 727 pjasocial

We are ready! The Social Change Wave 2019 is starting! We present the team of experts who will support and guide the working groups during the three days dedicated to the development of ideas in social enterprises!


Dario Carrera, Business model and social impact

Marco Meola, Lean Startup and Business Design

Ivan Fadini, Business development

Giancarla Babino, Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Michele Melis, Internal communication

Rosanna Marino, Brand Identity

Gennaro Di Vincenzo, Public Finance

Valentina Volpi, Design thinking

Pietro Leuci, Administrative and commercial consultancy

Sara Giuliani, External Communication and Time Management

Ivana Paolucci, Customer relationship management

Gioacchino Acampora, Wealth Planning and Business Finance

Pasquale Leone, IT consultancy


Veronica Magli, Social Impact & Sustainability Manager of Liter of Light Italia and Bloom Project

Sergio D’Angelo, President of the Gesco Group of Social Enterprises

Adam Arvidsson, Sociology of cultural and communicative processes (Unina)


Vincenzo Ferrara, Cannavaro-Ferrara Onlus Foundation

Cristina Mele, Economics and Business Management (Unina)

Giovanni Cacace, Fare Chiesa e Città Foundation

Patrizia Canova, Opes-Lcef Foundation

Marco Musella, Political Economy (Unina)

Maria Elena Esposito, International Digital Manager at Pastificio Garofalo

Luigi Vivese, Project Manager for PerMicro s.p.a.

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