Social Change Wave: A Look Into The Future

Social Change Wave: A Look Into The Future

Social Change Wave: A Look Into The Future 1595 417 pjasocial

At the end, this is exactly what we need to keep moving forward and create the positive change that people and the city deserve.”

Thank you to everyone!

It is the time you have all been waiting for, the official announcement of our three winners that will be taking their ideas from the Social Change Weekend to new people and places! We are proud of all of our participants who came forward with bright ideas and we hope that everyone continues working towards positive social change in every way possible!


Our first prize winner, Francesco Marinelli with his project Sheralo, will be continuing on to participate in a two week social enterprise incubation in San Francisco with TarmacSF, a partner with Dialogue Place. His idea, Sheralo, focuses in on unused objects that have a high potential of being upcycled into creatively designed products, a robust idea supported by the motto: don’t throw it, Sheralo! The process begins and ends on the same web platform, starting with people selling used and no longer needed goods on the online market where others buy said goods, rejuvenate them by creating new products and sell their creations on the same market. Unlike other online markets that involve selling used goods, Sheralo would involve specifically material that would be necessary to make creative and innovative products rather than just a space for buying and selling ambiguous items. From recyclable material to the final creation to be sold on the marketplace, the idea would be to create links between those that no longer need used items and those in need of basic material to feed their imagination. We cannot wait to see how far Sheralo can go!


Our second prize winner Silvia Sadat brought forward her project Arginalia that will continue on in a week long incubation period in Paris with our partner LeComptoir. Arginalia plans to bring the beauty of street art, especially in East Naples, to the world of alternative tourism by creating workshops, production and eventually sales to manage a profit that would subsidize the uniqueness of the community. This transitioning step is a benefit to the city of Naples and also any city that is seeing a larger quantity of artistic ability through street art. Successful implementation of Arginalia would allow for a more diverse interpretation of both what tourism is and what tourists can see. The message is that if we can understand new ways of economic revitalization through the understanding of what a city has to offer, then both the local and international community can grow. By creating new tourism spots, molded by modern alternations to the city, Arginalia seeks innovation in the form of art and expression.


Our third prize winners Louis Benjamin Ndong, Luigi Espasiano and Roberto Rossetto collectively will be participating in a 4-day event, BoatCamp2017, where they will be traveling from Naples to Barcelona while discussing and presenting their idea, RobBIN. The purpose of their idea is to couple together two main components, efficient and sustainable garbage disposal in public spaces and accessing the skills and talent of qualified immigrants that specialization in technological design. The power of RobBIN stems from the easiness of disposing trash into one singular robot bin that automatically organizes the material into compartments depending on whether it is paper, plastic, and food etc. The innovative quality of RobBIN then further extends to hiring and involving a demographic of people who though educated may not have the job opportunities post-immigration. By focusing in on their abilities and international education RobBIn will promote interconnectivity of different nationalities and cultures while also creating environmentally friendly, resourceful and clean garbage management.

A wrap up

The success of Social Change Wave 2017 is due to the great amount of effort brought by our staff, participants, mentors and speakers. By coming together, we all created a community of thinkers and doers where discussion was abundant and conversations never ending. At the end, this is exactly what we need to keep moving forward and create the positive change that people and the city deserve. Stay tuned for all our future events and collaborations!

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