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The Dialogue Place coworking space re-start with some new features

We parted in March with the resolution “We are distant today to embrace tomorrow”. Finally, after 6 months of closure, we have decided to reopen Dialogue Place, the coworking and social enterprise incubator in the heart of the historic center of Naples.

Talking about coworking in the “Covidian” era might seem strange to us. Honestly, 2020 completely turned us upside down and we won’t lie by saying it was easy. We have used almost all of our energy not to be discouraged and to remain positive.

But now it’s time to get back in the game and try to start again. We certainly cannot predict what will happen and what the scenarios of the near future will be, but in the meantime we are here, ready to share, with those who have virtually joined us in these months and with others that will share with us their daily work and new adventure in the field of the social enterprise.

Monday 7 September we will reopen our doors with a special novelty: a change of location !!

We moved to via Sapienza 18, in the heart of the historic center of Naples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We took advantage of this period to reorganize our workspaces in order to welcome you in the best possible way, and with the maximum possible safety, and to increase our network of connections to make it even more effective, where possible, in planning change actions.

We restar also the activities of the social enterprise incubator which has been operating in the historic center of Naples for 4 years and which virtually continued to set in motion virtuous mechanisms of impact and positive change throughout the period of the pandemic, are also restarting.

What has changed? We will not be able to ignore social distancing and disinfection of places

Given the delicate historical phase, we will use the government health guidelines, as reference points for the daily use of our spaces, in terms of management, workstations, common areas, and people interaction.

We have redesigned the spaces of Dialogue Place in order to transform it into a place where safety and cleanliness come first, in compliance with current regulations.

A behavioral protocol is what it takes!

We have developed a behavioral protocol for accessing and using the spaces that we hope you want to welcome and accept. It will take into account these principles, respecting the protection of health, but also against the excessive fear of contagion, because Social distancing must not become social isolation!

We can’t wait to meet you again, even if with your beautiful masks, to start over and do everything possible to make the working day a little brighter.

We close by sharing with you a reminder of the 4 things we love most about coworking:

– gives you the opportunity to start the day with coffee, coffee and more coffee …

– brings people together

– shares talents, skills and ideas

– reminds you that you are not alone in your journey

We are waiting for you

☎ 081 412404

📧 info@dialogueplace.eu

📢 https://www.dialogueplace.eu

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