March 8 with social entrepreneurs

March 8 with social entrepreneurs

March 8 with social entrepreneurs 1275 481 pjasocial

The Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award returns to Naples: the award dedicated to women creators of companies who, in addition to generating profits, offer innovative solutions to the most pressing social and environmental challenges on a global level.

Friday 8 March at 17:30 in the spaces of the social business incubator Dialogue Place, in Naples via Portacarrese in Montecalvario 69, we will meet the social entrepreneurs who, pre-selected by Project Ahead, will compete to represent our country in the final of Paris.
The finalist candidates are:
-Antonella Bellina, Duedilatte
-Anna Fiscale, ProgettoQuid
-Marianna Benetti, VEIL Energy
-Sabrina and Silvia Fiorentino, Sestre
-Giulia Detomati, Inventolab
-Cristina Angelillo, Marshmallow
-Francesca Fedeli, Fightthestroke

During the evening the candidates will present their activity to a technical jury composed of:
-Alessia Guarnaccia, CEO of Pandora Group
-Lilia Giugni, CEO of GenPol-Gender & Policy Insights
-Annalisa Corrado, ESCO AzzeroCo2 technical manager
-Marco Musella, Full Professor of Political Economy-Federico II University of Naples
-Marco Traversi, CEO Project Ahead
-Giovanna De Rosa, CSV Napoli Director
Get to know these brilliant Italian entrepreneurs and the team of judges who will evaluate them; we will spend an afternoon of exchange of ideas and experiences, and of mutual contamination.
Free admission event, subject to availability.
It is an international competition aimed at social entrepreneurs whose final will take place on March 28, 2019 in Paris, on the occasion of the Impact2 Forum that brings together influential business leaders, policy makers, financial institutions and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries with the aim of confronting each other on a new socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economy. An exceptional limelight for entrepreneurs and startuppers from all over the world! Impact2 is organized by INCO, a global network of social accelerators and startups, as well as venture capital companies, of which Project Ahead is a partner.

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