Woman entrepreneur Award: The Judges

Woman entrepreneur Award: The Judges

Woman entrepreneur Award: The Judges 892 430 pjasocial

March 8 is approaching!

We present the team of judges who will have the arduous task of electing the representative of our country to the Impact2 Award 2019

Annalisa Corrado
Technical manager of the company ESCO AzzeroCO2 in which it develops strategies for the reduction of atmospheric emissions related to climate change, through the promotion of plants powered by renewable sources, energy efficiency, virtuous management of both products and services, as well as waste and under -products. She also collaborates with Kyoto Club as coordinator of the working group for environmental multi-label. She has been a consultant to the Ministry of the Environment and the Protection of the Territory and the Sea for the drafting and implementation of tools for promoting renewable sources.

Giovanna De Rosa
Direttrice del Centro Servizi per il Volontariato di Napoli. Giovanissima inizia la sua esperienza nel volontariato comprendendo il valore dell’impegno sociale e della cittadinanza attiva. Crede nei processi collaborativi e partecipativi per generare innovazione e favorire un cambiamento culturale e sociale delle nostre comunità, consapevole dell’importanza della responsabilità individuale prima ancora della responsabilità sociale condivisa.

Lilia Giugni
Co-founder and CEO of GenPol-Gender Policy Insights, a consultancy specializing in researching gender issues and supporting a fairer world. She is a researcher at the Cambridge Center for Social Innovation of the University of Cambridge, where she deals with the promotion of gender equality through multiple organizational contexts, the prevention of gender-based violence and the gender aspects of social entrepreneurship, technology and crime. It is part of the F Come association and e-magazine and the Rebel Network.

Alessia Guarnaccia
Founder of Pandora Group, a company dedicated to the transformation of scraps and wastes into sandwich panels which, complete with substructures and systems, become systems for energy efficiency.
Engaged in design, product and process engineering, with particular attention to environmental issues and the aspect of reuse of waste in new production processes.
She was a member of the National Environmental Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment Commission at the Ministry of the Environment. In 2017 she was elected Director of the Board of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of the Industrial Union of Naples with responsibility for Research, Development and Innovation. He is currently also a member of the “Environment and Energy” Technical Committee of the Industrial Union of Naples

Marco Musella
Full Professor of Political Economy at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the Federico II University of Naples; President of Iris Network, the Italian network of research institutions interested in social enterprise, and director of the Social Enterprise Magazine and the “Welfare, Social Economy and Development” series.

Marco Traversi
Administrator of Project Ahead, a cooperative active in the management of projects financed by European, national, regional and private funders in the business creation sector, youth employment services, third sector consultancy and social enterprise and in social innovation. He has been a member of the board of Euclid Network, the European network of managers in the third sector, and founder and president of I-SIN, the Italian network of social innovators. He has a long experience in programming structural funds in the Convergence regions of southern Italy and in other EU countries and as much as manager of European projects. He was a member, as technical expert of the sector, of the GECES working group of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies, which deals with the reform of the legislation on the third sector and social enterprise in Italy.

Good job everyone.

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