Beer camp 2017

Beer camp 2017

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“…we continued the understanding that renewable non-depletable material leading to revolutionized change is one source of longevity.”

A Quick Run-Down

The discussion revolved mainly around circular economy and how it does or could apply here in Naples. Of the many topics that came up throughout the night, some included the importance of a recycling economy and the benefits of surveying and mapping. A recycling economy entails the productivity of regulations placed on the balance between natural and industrial resources flowing in and waste emission. The successful implementation of circular methods could produce communities built on stable infrastructure and institutions. How can this be done? One way that was discussed was the surveying and mapping of areas and land that are not in use or have been vacated. Letting valuable land and buildings to sit still hinders the possibility of creating a circular economy, while engaging in architectural modifications or construction can be the first step in innovative change that communities can benefit from. Since the initiative to map out empty areas only began in the 1990’s in Naples much of the possible change has been slow and complicated. However, first steps are never easy and productive change needs to start somewhere.

By reflecting on recycling land, as well as technological products, and creating multiple continuous lives past the initial need for a product, we continued the understanding that renewable non-deplatable material leading to revolutionized change is one source of longevity. Another source of improvement discussed was the perspective gap between the younger community demographic and local government, where ideas on change and what is needed for strengthened community differ. In order to create collaboration between the two, positive communication is key.


A few of the individuals that attended Beer Camp 2017, were Alessia Guarnaccia, Pablo Rumirez, and Francesco Marinelli. Alessia Guarnaccia works in the sector of creative and innovative design working within the boundaries of improving existing structures through renovations and starting from scratch. By bringing together the use of different and pioneering material with well-developed research, Pandora Group is able to create based on environment and produce advanced change. Pablo Rumirez is associated with EUROKOMPRAS E – SHOP®, a company focused on the interconnection between trade sites all over Italy, the European union and Central America. By focusing on the relevance of products and possible services needed in various states in correlation with creating inclusion within diversity to produce productive and progressive connectivity, EUROKOMPRAS E – SHOP® functions as a welcoming meeting point for companies and business to expand their reach and strategically venture into other markets. Francesso Marinelli represented Munnezza Sharing, a waste disposal platform that takes disused materials and up-cycles them in order to create furnishing accessories. It promotes a green economy and eco-sensible trade whilst finding new innovative ways to reuse materials.

Want to get Involved?

After another successful Beer Camp event, we look forward to future discussions and possible collaborations! If you have any social change ideas we invite you to register for our next event, Social Change Wave which will be held from the 23rd to the 25th of June.

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