Living the Napolitano life

Living the Napolitano life

Living the Napolitano life 1382 370 pjasocial

My name is Jordan Steunenberg, I am an arts and business student from Australia, and I came to volunteer in Naples at Dialogue Place for 4 weeks.

Having spent a month here, and visited so many places, I can say that Naples is a surprising and amazingly beautiful city. I have managed to make some amazing new friends and colleagues that share the same beliefs as me, that if you want to see some change in the world, you have to go get your hands dirty.

I am sure the memories made will not be forgotten anytime soon, whether it be jumping off boats into the bluest water, or trying out my Italian but saying a similar word with a completely different meaning. My favourite highlights of my trip would have to be visiting the islands, I managed to make it to all three: Ischia, Capri and Procida. I found no words to describe them, perhaps only magical.

During my time at Dialogue I helped with the projects visibility in the community, by assisting in the application of awards through the U.N. and with events such as ‘Beer Camp’ where we discussed the circular economy within Naples.

I have loved my time here beyond expectation, and wish that I could have stayed longer to do more at Dialogue, and contribute to Project Ahead and Sagapò.

Hopefully I can take what little I have learned of the true Napolitano culture and of NGO’s home with me, to inspire others to come and do the same.

Veni vidi amavi.

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