EYE: The experience of Marco Coviello and Stephen Turvill

EYE: The experience of Marco Coviello and Stephen Turvill

EYE: The experience of Marco Coviello and Stephen Turvill 1001 751 pjasocial

Marco Coviello is a young entrepreneur from Naples who thanks to Project Ahead, an intermediary organization from the Erasmus program for Young Entrepreneurs in Campania, has collaborated with Stephen Turvill, an established entrepreneur from London.

Stephen owns in Cambridge (London) an Italian restaurant called “Limoncello” which deals with the sale of Italian products throughout the United Kingdom, both in the shop and via the online site.

Marco is co-founder of FOODALLERGENI®, a startup whose general objective is to ensure that food businesses throughout Italy comply with EU regulations on food safety (in particular with regard to allergen products). The startup provides medical assistance, legal advice, professional training and certification in order to ensure that European allergen standards are respected.

As an intermediary organization in Campania of the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program, Project Ahead is responsible for establishing beneficial relationships between new entrepreneurs and more experienced entrepreneurs actively present in other EU countries that are willing to host them.

Project Ahead brought Marco and Stephen together because their business prospects are very similar. Indeed Stephen joined the program to “establish stronger direct links with potential Italian suppliers”, to improve the knowledge / authenticity of “Limoncello” and to make a more diversified selection of products. Marco, on the other hand, entered the program hoping to learn how the UK market works and understand how to develop his sales strategy with expansion plans abroad.

So for Marco being supported by a professional expert in an Italian restaurant abroad is a unique opportunity and for Stephen being in contact with a young Italian entrepreneur who could help him with marketing, graphics, creating menus, as well as with everything related to food safety is an opportunity.

Marco and Stephen collaborate to “research and purchase new products and product lines as well as identify and control new Italian suppliers”.

Marco works for Limoncello helping the restaurant to attract more customers through the creation of allergen / specific diet menus and to expand corporate marketing using its graphic designer skills in creating the logo. It also helps to set up the restaurant to welcome customers during the day.

Both recognize the importance of gaining experience abroad and taking it with them to improve their business. Marco is very satisfied with his experience in a multicultural environment and recommends the Erasmus program to every new entrepreneur

If you are a young entrepreneur looking to improve their skills and at the same time help other companies in another EU country, contact Project Ahead at: info@dialogueplace.eu

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