Interview with Sheralo incubati, winners of the Social Change Wave 2017

Interview with Sheralo incubati, winners of the Social Change Wave 2017

Interview with Sheralo incubati, winners of the Social Change Wave 2017 1678 1920 pjasocial

Pending the new edition of the Social Change Wave, we interviewed Francesco Marinelli and Massimo Guarino di Sheralo, last year’s winners.

The Social Change Wave is a startup contest that involves young people, experts and mentors from all over Italy to train and give life to social business ideas.

How was your business idea born and how are you developing it?

Our business idea was born from the Social Change Wave with the meeting between Massimo Guarino and Lorenzo Cicatiello, researchers, and Francesco Marinelli, expert in upcycling activities.

We take care of the creative transformation of objects that are no longer used, to convert them into new design creations, in particular interior furnishings and furnishing accessories.

What stage of development are you at?

We are in the preparation phase for the creation of the company. To support the spread of the idea, we are creating a contest structured as a lottery spread on social media where users will be invited to publish photos of their objects that are no longer used and artisans will choose some to work on to give it new life.

How do you imagine your professional life from here to 5 years?

At the head of a company that has become solid and established, and having started the diffusion of a model of artisan production that can touch all the regions of Italy

What impact on society or the environment do you hope to generate?

A new, more eco-sustainable consumer attitude, the reduction of waste and the creation of innovative and employment prospects for craft activities in our area.

Which company, character, experience inspires your work?

The idea was born with a game: the apericycle, or an aperitif formula dedicated to the creative transformation of disused objects. People, intrigued and attracted by the idea, asked us to transform their unused items into “unique” and personalized creations!

In our experience we have realized that people accumulate disused objects because they believe that one day they can somehow be useful again.

We at Sheralo manage to see “things”, not for what they are, but for what they could become. We offer people an intelligent and unconventional alternative to purchasing furniture and design accessories.

What do you expect to find at Dialogue Place?

Useful contacts, information to facilitate business activities and assistance both in participating in tenders and in the start-up phase.

What do you like most about Dialogue Place and what less?

The positive aspects are the empathy and preparation of the staff, the structure and the willingness to provide opportunities.

The cons is a greater advance in planning events.

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