Europe Day 2019: 10 years of Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs

Europe Day 2019: 10 years of Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs

Europe Day 2019: 10 years of Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs 745 738 pjasocial

May 9, 2019: Europe Day!

Just this year, Project Ahead – partner of Dialogue Place – celebrates its 10 years of managing Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, the European cross-border exchange program that offers new entrepreneurs – or aspiring entrepreneurs – the opportunity to learn the secrets of profession by established professionals who manage small or medium-sized enterprises in another country participating in the program.

What has happened in these 10 years?

Thanks to the intermediation of Project Ahead, a local contact center for Campania and other areas of southern peninsular Italy, a total of 110 applications have been approved by new and experienced entrepreneurs and, to date, 122 people have registered on the dedicated platform of the program. of which:

48 host entrepreneurs

74 new entrepreneurs

In addition, 63 foreign exchanges were successful, of which 5 in progress:

19 incoming (young Europeans hosted by Campania companies)

44 outgoing (young people mainly from Campania hosted by European companies)

The business sectors of activity are very diversified but are mainly characterized by:

  • social entrepreneurship
  • fashion
  • consultancy and planning
  • sustainable architecture
  • tourism
  • cultural artistic activities
  • craftsmanship
  • innovative engineering
  • PV

During the month of April 2019, 5 young entrepreneurs left. Among them Francesco, 34 years old, specialized in the mushroom trade. To develop his business, Francesco decided to start a collaboration with Serbia and in particular with Systemekofungi where he will go 3 times throughout the year, according to a fragmented participation scheme in the program.

Another success story is Raffaella, 29 years old with a degree in architecture, who after a few years of experience in the sector has decided to launch her own private studio. In order to fully understand the difficulties associated with starting this business, he chose to have a 5-month experience in Barcelona at VOLTES

Join the Erasmus young entrepreneurs program with us!

Here are the instructions for applying; alternatively write to for any details. See you there!

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