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Impact Journal

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Do you want to finally achieve your goals this year? No problem, you don’t need a magic spell, just your will and a bit of planning!

It’s coming for you “Impact Journal”, an innovative planning workshop dedicated to whom wants to have an impact routine,

It is know that there are plenty of new planning and journaling methods, that are less standardised than the common journal and more suitable for the users. #Journaling hashtags counts more than 10 million posts and having a journal benefits have been documpented in scientific papers.

This year start to plan with care and effectively and start your personal growth journey . Dialogue Place is gonna hos on Friday 19th January 2024 at 5.30pm Impact Journal innovative planning workshop, with a new methodology developed by Dana Cappiello, facilitator and project manager, journaling expert.

We are going to activate an impact planning path to learn to monitor our personal growth.

Impact Journal is a tested system that will allow you to listen to your needs and achieve your goals at your own pace.


  • 5:30 Welcome and introduction: why is handwriting important?
  • 5:45 One notebook, so many ideas: Case Studies
  • 6:00 Impact journal: workshop
  • 7:00 Drink and snacks and Networking

Entry ticket 10€ with drink and snacks
Dotted Dialogue Place Notebook free.

What are you waiting for, book your ticket at Eventbrite!
We will wait for you on Friday 19th January at Dialogue Place.
We are in Via della Sapienza, 18.

Limited tickets

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