Opportunities for Ukranian Entrepreneurs

Opportunities for Ukranian Entrepreneurs

Opportunities for Ukranian Entrepreneurs 1200 905 pjasocial

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs has launched a special programme to support Ukranian economical recovery.

If you are an aspiring Ukranian entrepreneur, don’t waste this entrepreneurial chance!

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs is financed by the the European Commission and it has launch a special call for entrepreneurs from Ukraine.

For several years, Project Ahead has been managing the programme as Intermediary Organisation and has been selected as facilitator for this special call by coordinating the project YoU EMBRACE. The project is dedicated to European mobility to face the thorny situation that concerns the Country.

With Project Ahead’s support, entrepreneurs can be helped in finding their match between entrepreneurs that live in the 45 Countries that take part to the programme.

If you are Ukranian and you have been managing your enterprise  for less than 3 years, or you aspire to launch your new business just fill this form .

Don’t waste this chance!

The programme will garantee an allowance that depends by the Country that you will select. The exchange will last from 1 to 6 months while you will aquire skills and share ideas thanks to an expert entrepreneur.

To participate to the programme you must have been living for at least 6 months in one of the Union Europe countries or Albania, Armenia, Bosnia-Erzegovina, North Macedonia, Icelandic, Moldova, Montenegro, Turkey, Kosovo.

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